Black Friday Is It Killing American Jobs?

American jobs are a fitting theme for Halloween – still very scary!

As promised… my view of business from the trenches.🙂
Like everyone, I love a good deal but today when I was reading a media inquiry for my ‘strategy’ for Black Friday shopping (huh?) a ‘strategy’ really? ….. it kinda hit a sour note with me.
Black Friday has always been something I have personally stayed away from even before joining Goodnighties. I’m not into ‘crowds’ …Now being in the thick of a shaky economy with lots of under-employed friends, I have an entirely different view of this ‘event’.

Black Friday in my opinion, is the ‘kick- off’ event to further killing jobs in our economy.  Just thinking about it gives me a HOT FLASH!  I am hoping after all the suffering for the past 4 years that American’s will start to understand that 50-75% off on discounted goods eventually will hurt EVERYONE in one way or another

It’s a simple fix…just start buying American made brands at a fair price and with volume (there are lots of us!) amazing things will happen!
Supporting deeply discounted goods is like a quick candy bar, it’s not always the best thing in the long run.
So many are diligently working to get business’s off the ground (we’re in that mix) and when an American consumer supports wildly discounted goods it’s going to eventually find its way to further eroding of jobs and for that, it keeps our economy from gaining any traction.

Buying these goods (and many are foreign-made) is like feeding an overseas monster and then the demand keeps growing.  These ‘deals’ are everywhere! Network television personalities touting words of American-made job creation and in the same breath, discounting foreign-made goods. These ‘steals’ are stealing jobs!
I long for the days when the ‘red dot’ or ‘orange dot’ was carefully hidden – back then, we were satisfied with 20-25% off – deep discounts seem to now be a badge of honor!
When did this shift happen? or better yet, when will the pendulum swing in the other direction? !

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One Response to Black Friday Is It Killing American Jobs?

  1. nana says:

    You hit the nail on the head

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